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Home library service

Home Library Service

The Home Library Service has a large choice of books, large print books, audio books, CDs and cassette tapes. You may enjoy fiction (stories), want to take up a hobby, or there may be a subject you are interested in or want to research further. Reading and listening will keep your mind active and there is a range of material available for all interests.

As part of the Home Library Service new customers are visited to find out what kind of books and or music they enjoy and whether they prefer large print or books on CD/tape.  All our services are free.
The collections are delivered monthly and requests are taken for particular titles or subjects

They also provide collections of books to care homes and sheltered housing in the borough which are changed regularly.

You can sign up for the Home Library Service by contacting your local library, or by contacting the Home Library Service team on 020 8724 8532.


The Library Service has introduced an e-Library service. This is an online collection which includes audio books and e-books (digital versions of books). You can download the audio books and e-books onto your home computer.

Click here for more information on the e-Library

Getting in touch

Home Library Service Team
Phone: 020 8724 8532

Please click here for local libraries in the borough.