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Mental Health

Are you caring for someone who is living with depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, phobias, obsessive behaviour, paranoia or any other mental illness?

Caring is not an easy thing to do.Problems can mount up and cause the sort of stress that can get you down and make you feel isolated. 

Sometimes all you need is a chat and some support,other times you may need more. We are here to help. 

Click HERE for information on the Mental Health Act

Please Click HERE to download the NHS Information leaflet on Early Intervention in Psychosis (EIP)

Click HERE for the KeepSafe Connections List. KeepSafe Connections are Able, Approachable and Available to help with Sucide.

Carers or cared for can refer themselves into the Mental Health services or for advice and guidance.

BDAAT(Barking and Dagenham Access and Assessment Team) 0300 555 1038 for service users

IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies)  0300 300 1554 for Carers


Who is eligible for this service: 

All carers who care for someone who has depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, phobias, obsessive behaviour, paranoia or any other mental illness

How can I get this service: 

For an informal chat please contact our main number below and ask to speak to a Supporter Worker.

Service times: 


Contact by telephone: 

020 8593 4422

Contact by email: