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IASS- Information Advice Support Service

Our IAS service provides support and guidance for parent carers and young people with Special Educational Needs.

As a parent or carer of a child with Special Educational Needs you could be caring for a child who has:

  • a physical disability
  • a problem with sight, hearing or speech
  • learning difficulties
  • emotional or behavioural problems
  • difficulties with reading, writing or mathematical work
  • other more general difficulties with school work

Independent Parental Supporters

IASS can provide an Independent Parental Supporter: a totally confidential service, fully independent of school and the Local Education Authority. They can provide:

  • free advocacy
  • support
  • information

There are many ways our Information, Support Advice Service (IASS) can help, these include:

· If you are a young person or a parent carer, we can help you to express your or your child's views and aspirations to be included in Education Health Care Plan (EHC)

· Help you understand the SEN process

· Space to talk and time to listen. We take your views seriously.

· Support at meetings such as Reviews, Annual Reviews and Transition

· We can speak on your behalf if you need us to but help you gain new skills for the future.

· Practical help, including the writing of letters

· Support in talking with professional to help you express your views.

· Preparation and support for exclusion meetings

· Mediation and signposting

· Preparation for tribunal

· Telephone support

· Regular newsletter

· Access to training.

· Signposting to other in-house projects

· Signposting to other services.

Check out our new leaflet by clicking HERE

http://CYP.iassnetwork.org.uk-The website is aimed at CYP - supporting them to understand what their rights are and how they can access support 

If you or your child are going through an annual review process please click HERE to view a video for some anuual review process guidance.
Opening times 9-5pm - Please call us on 0208 5934422 for further advice and information. 
IASS- Information Advice Support Service

How can I get this service: 

For an informal chat with please contact our main number below and ask to speak to an Independent Parental Supporter.

Contact by telephone: 

020 8593 4422

Contact by email: