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We are looking for Volunteers

Interested in Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)? Have you got a little time to spare? Do you have experience in education, social work or the voluntary sector? Ever thought of becoming a volunteer Independent Supporter for the Special Educational Needs & Disability Information, Advice & Support Service

Volunteering is good for your health          TRUE/FALSE?

TRUE- Volunteering can improve self-esteem, reduce heart rates and blood pressure, enhance immune systems and buffer the impact of stress.

We only take in 10% of what people tell us in a stressful situation                                                                              TRUE/FALSE?

TRUE- normally we take in about 60% of what people tell us. This drops to 10% when we’re stressed- that’s why we can come out of a doctor’s appointment having forgotten most of what’s been said!

1 in every 5 children may have difficulties with learning at some time during their school life                                                                  TRUE/FALSE?

TRUE- Over 5,700 children and young people in Barking & Dagenham have identified SEN (Special Educational Needs) which affects how they are doing at school.

Put these three facts together and what do you have?

A real need for someone like you!

Parents of children with SEN often need someone to offer support at meetings with school or other educational professionals, someone to take notes, talk through things before and after a meeting.

This helps them take on board the important things they need to know about their child’s education as well as get their own views across.

Could you support a parent in this way? 

All you need is: Some spare time, an interest in education and to be good at listening & seeing things through

There’s no regular time commitment; you get to decide how much time you can offer. Training is provided and all expenses paid so you won’t be thrown in at the deep end or out of pocket.

Not only will it be good for the parents you will be helping, according to research it will be good for you as well!

INTERESTED?? Talk to Sharon Cumberbatch on 02085934422 or email on sharon.cumberbatch@carerscentre.org.uk. We can tell you what’s involved and the difference you could make to a family.


Volunteer Minibus Drivers Needed

Catergory D1 licence needed. Full MIDAS training provided within the borough of Barking & Dagenham.

Tasks would include transporting people with Dementia to a day centre, driving the minibus.

If interested then please contact us on 0208 593 4422