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What services are available?

Local services are provided to help the person with dementia in their own home and support the main carer. The person with dementia could have regular short respite stays in a residential/nursing home to give the carer a break. It can be difficult for the person with dementia to accept new faces in the home, or leave their home, even for a short time. This can make the main carer’s role very demanding. It is important for the carer to seek support and time for themselves, particularly as the illness progresses and the person cared for becomes more dependent. Most services provide direct assistance to the person with dementia, giving the carer a break from their caring duties. It is useful for the main carer to equip themself with information about the services available, even if they are not needed straight away. They can then decide if they are suitable to meet their needs and those of the person with dementia. The carer needs time to talk to the person they are caring for, make visits to some services and consider options, before a crisis situation arises. Local services include:-

Barking & Dagenham Adult Community Services 2nd Floor Civic Centre, Dagenham, Essex RM10 7BN

All services are accessed through the Intake Team. This is the first point of contact for an assessment of needs of the person with dementia and for a carer’s assessment. Services include support from the Dementia Support Team, the Older peoples Mental HealthTeam, Home.

Care, Sheltered Housing with Extra Care, Residential/ Nursing Care Homes, Occupational Therapy, Personal Care, Sitting Service, Respite, Flexi-Break and Day Care. Telephone number for Intake Team 020 8227 2915.

Website: www.lbbd.gov.uk

Health Services

You should let all health workers know that you are a carer. Health services include your Family Doctor, Dentist, Chiropodist, Optician, Dietician, Health Clinics, Day Hospital and Memory Clinic. Further information can be found in the Carers of Barking & Dagenham Factsheet ‘Health Services’. The following websites may also be useful:

North East London NHS Foundation Trust

Website: www.nelft.nhs.uk

Is financial help available?

The person with dementia may have had to give up work because of the illness or you the carer may have had to stop working to fulfil your caring role. This can have a great impact on your financial situation. It is important to seek advice about welfare benefits that may be available. Organisations can carry out a welfare benefits check and assist with the completion of claim forms. You can contact us or :-


Telephone 020 8252 5340 It is important to get advice before you claim as certain allowances may affect benefits you are already receiving.

Admiral Nursing Direct

 Telephone 0845 257 9406 Mon-Fri 9.15 am - 4.45pm Email: direct@dementiauk.org

Website: www.dementiauk.org

Admiral Nurse Service

Broad Street Centre, Morland Rd, Dagenham, RM10 9HU

Telephone 0300 555 1016 Admiral Nurses are specialist mental health nurses in the field of dementia, working in the community and other settings to improve the quality of life for all those with dementia. They provide:

• Education & Information

• Emotional Support

• Practical Advice

• Coping Strategies

• Counselling

• Signposting to local resources

• Group support for carers and people with dementia

Alzheimer’s Society

43-44 Crutched Friars, London. EC3N 2AE

Telephone 0330 3330804 (London office)

Helpline: 0300 2221122

Wesite: www.alzheimers.org.uk

Produce a range of ‘Advice Sheets’ (some of which are listed at the back of this booklet) and support carers.

Mon-Fri 9.00am - 5.00pm

Sat-Sun 10.00am - 4.00pm

Citizen’s Advice Bureau - Barking

Barking Learning Centre,2 Town Square, Barking, IG11 7NB

Telephone: 020 8594 6715

Website www.citizensadvice.org.uk


Head Office: Pembroke Gardens, Dagenham, RM10 7YP

Telephone 0208 592 8603

Website: www.dabd.org.uk

Provide equipment to aid daily living, home care, transport scheme, advice and information on all issues affecting people with disabilities and illness.

The Memory Clinic

Broad Street Health Centre, Morland Road, Dagenham RM10 9HU

Telephone 0300 555 1017

The Memory Clinic is a specialist clinic that provides assessment, diagnosis and treatment of people experiencing problems with their memory.

he Memory Service

Broad Street Health Centre, Morland Road, Dagenham RM10 9HU

Telephone 0300 555 1016

The Memory Service is a specialist multi-disciplinary service for adults living in the Borough of Barking and Dagenham who present with complex histories of progressive memory decline and those experiencing difficulties in other areas of cognitive functioning. The service aims to work with service users andcarers in supporting them throughout the process of assessment and treatment. The service will also sign post service users and their carers to other organisations both in the voluntary and statutory sector according to identified need.

Referral to the Memory Clinic and Memory Service is through the Older People’s Community Mental Health Team

Older People’s Community Mental Health Team

Broad Street Health Centre, Morland Road, Dagenham RM10 9HU

Telephone 0300 555 1016

For over 65’s: The Pensions Service

Telephone 0845 606 0265

For under 65’s: Jobcentre Plus

Telephone 0800 055 6688

Memory Lane Resource Centre

Maintaining the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers

Who can use the Memory Lane Resource Centre?

We work in partnership with people who have dementia, and with their relatives or carers. Access to the Centre is through Adult Services assessment. This service can also be purchased through individual budgets, direct payments or private funding at £42 per day plus £5 for their meals.

What services do we provide?

The Centre runs a number of activities from which you can choose, depending on your vocational skills, your interests and hobbies.The activities are designed to help you by:

• Bringing back familiarity

• Build social confidence

• Establishing friendships to enhance well-being

234a Porters Avenue, Dagenham RM8 2EQ

(next to the Health Centre) Telephone: 020 8984 9940

Opening Hours

The Centre is open weekdays with a full service from Monday to Friday at 10am - 3pm

Drop-in Centre for Carers

A Dementia Advisor is available to carers for support and information plus a full range of information leaflets.

Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm. For further information or referral requests.

Carers also have access to:

• Admiral Nurses

• Social Workers

How do we provide services?

We have a skilled staff team who work with clients through:

• Life skills

• Group work

• Observation

• Prompts

• Support groups • Entertainments

• Phone calls and home visits

• Therapeutic activities • Library

• Armchair keep fit • Social activities


Food served throughout the day.

• Light breakfast • Three-course lunch

• Regular hot or cold drinks

This is often a very difficult thing to admit but it is helpful to look at some long-term options before the time comes. When decisions about nursing or residential care are made at the time of the crisis there is no time to consider the decision, to get the home of your choice, or to prepare the person with dementia. You will want to be satisfied in your own mind that the nursing or residential home, that the person with dementia will be moving into, is the most appropriate for them. The Carers of Barking & Dagenham Factsheet ‘Thinking about a residential or nursing home?’ may be useful reading.

Charges for long term care are complex. It is advisable to discuss costs with your Care Manager, or contact the Intake Team on 020 8227 2915 and  speak to the long-term care costs section in the Finance Department.