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Our IAS service provides support and guidance for parent carers and young people with Special Educational Needs. Please click HERE to watch a video on how the IAS Service can help you or read the below information.

As a parent or carer of a child with Special Educational Needs you could be caring for a child who has:

  • a physical disability
  • a problem with sight, hearing or speech
  • learning difficulties
  • emotional or behavioural problems
  • difficulties with reading, writing or mathematical work
  • other more general difficulties with school work

Independent Parental Supporters

IASS can provide an Independent Parental Supporter: a totally confidential service, fully independent of school and the Local Education Authority. They can provide:

  • free advocacy
  • support
  • information

There are many ways our Information, Support Advice Service (IASS) can help, these include:

· If you are a young person or a parent carer, we can help you to express your or your child's views and aspirations to be included in Education Health Care Plan (EHC)

· Help you understand the SEN process

· Space to talk and time to listen. We take your views seriously.

· Support at meetings such as Reviews, Annual Reviews and Transition

· We can speak on your behalf if you need us to but help you gain new skills for the future.

· Practical help, including the writing of letters

· Support in talking with professional to help you express your views.

· Preparation and support for exclusion meetings

· Mediation and signposting

· Preparation for tribunal

· Telephone support

· Regular newsletter

· Access to training.

· Signposting to other in-house projects

· Signposting to other services.

How can I get this service: 

For an informal chat with please contact our main number below and ask to speak to an Independent Parental Supporter.

Contact by telephone: 

020 8593 4422

Contact by email: