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We asked our Carers to comment on the service and support they received from our IAS Service:

"To continue with your hard work; your service is changing children's futures" 

 "IAS Service is terrific, all your support with our son's EHCP meant we didn't have to go to tribunal" 

 "You are fantastic"

"I'm always sending people to your organisation. You have helped us to achieve incredible results and set a great foundation for our son's learning"

 "Every time I have needed advice the service received was very informative and helpful"

"We are extremely grateful and can't put our gratitude into words"

 "Without your valuable service I would be lost as a carer, I could not cope without you",

"Extremely pleased with support and care given"

95% of our Carers would reccommend the IAS Service to others.

We asked our Carers:

Can you tell us more about the difference(s) the IAS Service has made for you?

60% - I feel that my child's needs are better understood than they were

60% - I now have a better relationship with my child's school or setting

30% - I now have a better realtionship with the Local Authority

55% - I have a greater understanding if the SEND Code of Practice & the arrangements that should be made for children and Young People with SEN

60% - I feel more confident

60% - I feel more involved in decisions about my child's education

80% - I am happier/less worried about my child's future

60% - I feel my child has benefitted as a result of the service involved

Did the IAS Service:

100% said YES - Return your call/emails promptly?

90% said YES - Keep in touch?

100% said YES - Explain why decisions made & what was happening?

100% said YES - Listen to your views?

100% said YES - Treat you with respect?

100% said YES - Explain who they were & their role?

100% said YES - Provide confidential service?

90% said YES - Give info & advice that met your needs?

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